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Since the industry moved online, the number of pokies fans has grown considerably. And that’s great, because new sites and new offerings are popping up to meet the high expectations of modern gamblers. Today, you can choose long and fastidiously for yourself the next service for gambling, guided by a variety of requirements and attributes — and still be able to find what you need.

One of these criteria, which interests a large number of players from Australia, is reliability. Which casinos guarantee you the best payout percentages, and what can you count on if you’re just beginning to understand the specifics of modern gambling? Ok, let’s get into the bottom of it.

Which online casino games have the best payout in Australia?

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First of all, let’s define what exactly we mean by the percentage of payout, talking about gambling. The term may be applied to pokies (or any other kind of single-player games without croupiers or dealers involved) and to casinos themselves.

In the first case, in relation to slots, the payout percentage is determined by a random number generator. It is this device that decides the fate of gamblers, forming both winning combinations and offers to try again. Absolute winning strategy for pokies does not exist, but each slot has its own personality and unique settings, determining how often — in theory, over a long distance — should fall out bonus wilds, as well as how much exactly will return machine for the entire time of his work. Focusing on these values, information about which is always available on the Web, you can get as close to the desired result.

Some Australian casinos with the best payouts adhere to special rules, quite comfortable for the players. Information is constantly displayed on the screen, with which you can make sure that the fallen out combinations are random and the process of falling out these combinations casino has not influenced in any way. During the game, you can record the game number, the selected offset and the fallen out symbols (the same data can be taken from the gaming history), and then, using a special program, check the results of your spin. As a rule, detailed instructions can be found in the section with the guidelines of the service.

If we are talking about the payout percentage of the best casinos — here we are talking about a term that is most often used by analysts and experts who compile regular reviews. To calculate the indicator a simple formula is used: the ratio of the amount of winnings to the amount of bets made during the reporting period. A decent value is considered to be 95-97%, but in some cases the figure can exceed 100% — if one of the lucky players managed to become the owner of a large jackpot.

Fastest payout casino for Australians

Fastest payout casino for Australians

How fast can I withdraw my winnings? Best paying online casinos in Australia offer various payment methods, among which there are both instant and quite long options. The choices presented on most sites include:

  • Visa and MasterCard bank cards;
  • Electronic payment systems Skrill, Neteller, etc.
  • Wire transfers and checks;
  • Cryptocurrency accounts.

The speed of processing requests for withdrawal depends on the operator and the conditions set by the service. To date, the best payouts, in terms of timing, are available to owners of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other coins, that is, customers who have a cryptocurrency account. However, this option is not supported by every service, so if you are looking for a suitable casino — it is worth looking into the reviews from our experts.

It takes 48 to 72 hours on average to get your funds to your credit or debit card or e-wallet. Here much depends on whether you have had time to pass the verification procedure, as well as the conditions of the payment operator.

Highest payout casino games

Highest payout games

The variety of entertainment available to gamblers is really impressive. And, of course, all casino games offer different payout percentages — depending on the format, rules and additional features. For example, in online pokies, which we’ve already mentioned before, player returns usually range from 95—97%, and that’s considerably higher than in the analogues set up in land-based gambling halls. Of course, skeptics might argue that the chance of winning is always 50/50 — you’ll either win or lose, because the slots don’t take into account previous combinations before each new spin. However, in the long run the pokie should operate according to the settings defined by the developer, so if you chose a licensed model, you don’t have to worry. Sooner or later the winnings will come — the main thing is that your bankroll doesn’t run out before.

For classic games like roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat the payout ratio is usually even higher than in the case of pokies. This explains why when you wagering bonuses, the casino limits your ability to use them. All the more so because here you can make decisions and control the gaming process by yourself, of course, if you have already learned the rules of the chosen game.

Are Australian online casino sites safe to use?

Yes, of course, this is an official and legal form of online entertainment — so it’s okay. Australian legislature imposes some restrictions — you can’t gamble for real money if you’re under eighteen and you can’t use other people’s payment tools for transactions, but there’s no problem if you follow these simple rules.

For those who mistrust gambling in general, and believe that the industry is composed exclusively of cheaters, all pokies are set to lose by default, and instead of withdrawing money they simply block your account, there is always an opportunity to dispel doubts and ensure the fairness of the gambling process. Indeed, there are a lot of fake sites on the web, aimed to take your money — but none of them can get an official license under any circumstances. The decision to issue a certificate, which can be found both on the website of the best casinos and on the page of the auditors themselves, is based on many factors, including the reliability of the encryption system of personal data, compliance with the real and declared payout percentage, etc. In addition, independent testing is regularly conducted, and the results can easily be found on the Internet. Among the agencies that certify the casinos with the best payouts, the following should be highlighted:

  • ITech Labs — an Australian company specializing in quality control within the online gambling industry.
  • eCOGRA — an independent regulator created to identify unscrupulous projects and confirm the integrity of casinos that have undergone due diligence.
  • Technical Systems Testing is an audit agency from Canada which specializes in the gambling parameters compliance assessment. Has a worldwide reputation as an accredited laboratory for testing gaming services.

There are other agencies, but if the site you choose meets the requirements of at least one of these auditors (and at the same time is licensed in the UK, Malta or Curacao) — it is an excellent choice.

Best online slots that payout


Now that you know what the payout percentage is, how to choose a safe casino, and how quickly you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account, all that remains is to talk about pokies. The average RTP (return to player), which is determined in many countries by law, can vary between 94-98%, depending on the selected slot.

This does not tell you how often the machine will give a winning combination. The RTP parameter only shows that in the long run out of a conditional ten bets of one dollar a slot will return nine and a half, while 50 cents will stay in the casino. Yes, it may sound strange, but do not forget that a lot of people play in the casino, and the settings of most pokies provide payouts well above par, so that the return on investment is quite real. The main thing is competent bankroll management.

The frequency of successful combinations is determined by another parameter — dispersion. This is a mathematical term referring to the probability of an expected event. Statistics show that slots with low dispersion pay out money more often, but in a smaller amount, while machines with a higher rate provide the opportunity to receive large winnings, but with less frequency. Choose the option that suits your temperament and gaming style to get the most out of it!

Most high paying casino games online pokies

If we consider pokies with the highest payout percentage, these options deserve a mention:

  • Pharaoh’s Gold III — another version of the popular series of slots, like its predecessor, is based on a system with five reels and three rows of symbols forming nine potentially prize lines. The maximum total bet for one spin is 900 credits. Slot features medium volatility and cycle length, as well as a high rate of return to the player — 96.58%.
  • Banana Splash is a classic of gambling. 5-reel concept with 9 prize lines familiar to anyone who has at least once been near a slot machine. As in other slots of the developer, you can use the Wild (banana) and the Scatter (palm trees), as well as play the risk game to guess the color of the card. RTP — 95.79%.
  • The Money Game is one of the most popular slot games based on a 5-reel system. Nine prize lines and a guaranteed payout parameter of 96.9% significantly increase the players’ chances. A successful combination can raise your bet up to 9,000 times, and a roll of three or more Scatters at the same time allows you to win up to 15 free spins.
  • Crazy Monkey 2 — a new version of the cult slot about mad monkey, with improved graphics and more winning options. The basic principle of the game remains the same: five reels, three rows of icons and nine lines. Professional players note the medium level of variance and high RTP — 98%. In the presence of bonus options such as the wild, scatter, prize and risk game.

Are free games available at Australian online casino sites?

Modern problems require modern solutions! Inexperienced players may have reasonable concerns for their own bankroll, which can be spent not only at the whim of the random number generator, but also through indiscretion. Even the starter bonus of $10 would be a pity to spend immediately — let alone real money. In this case the demo version is a good option — it allows you to experience all the subtleties and nuances of each individual slot. You get the opportunity to check whether the payout percentage matches your expectations.